A Mother Reflects on Her Son's Attempted Suicide

Michele Saved Our Family

I was about to hear the worst thing a mother could ever hear from her son.

“Mom,” he said, “I don’t know what to do. All I can think about is killing myself.” 

In a panic, I called his father, and we discussed the need for him to talk to someone immediately. It couldn’t be just anyone. Not just a run of the mill person who asked vague cookie cutter questions. There was no time for years of therapy.

A search found Dr. Michele Bell. I read her profile. 

Specializing in grief counseling. Mindfulness and healing on a spiritual level. Holistic Grief Counselor in New York. Healing Grief Counselor in New York

That was exactly what we needed.

I remember her saying, “All I need is one visit with him, and he will be okay.” 

She got him in right away the same day. 

I drove him within the two hours after she took immediately. As I waited in the next room while they talked, a calmness began to come over me. A panicked mess only moments before, I was beginning to feel faith and trust. 

After the appointment, my son seemed much calmer. I asked him how he felt. 

He said, “You know, Mom, I feel okay. Before, I felt like I was free falling, whirling out of control fast. And now I feel grounded. I feel like everything is going to be okay." 

All I could think was, Oh my God. Thank you. I breathed a sigh of relief for the first time in a long time. I am a mother first and foremost and also a nurse. I’ve worked in clinical settings for several years. Dr. Michele’s work and type of healing have inspired me to look at healing in a different way. I have realized that there are many levels of healing that include healing of the spirit and soul as well as the physical.

I am forever indebted to Dr. Bell for saving my son’s life that day, and for inspiring me to begin this journey I’m on now. It has been three years, and my son is doing better than ever. Since that time, I have brought my mother and younger son to Dr. Michele with the same miraculous results. She has healed my family on a deep spiritual level. She has saved my family’s lives and, in turn, saved mine. 

I am truly thankful for the gift of Dr. Michele Bell in my life.

—Tamara Warika

The Impact

Matt Patterson - Author

Genuine. Authentic. 

Kind. Generous. Intuitive. 

These are the first words that come to mind when I think of Michele. We have both traveled the same path in having lost a child to cancer. Her strength and understanding has been a gift. 

I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with her and to have benefitted from her caring wisdom. 

Jane - UK

Michele has been strong and brave enough to share her emotions and experience of what can be a taboo subject purely because people fear it. Her book will help so many with their own loss. I feel her love and passion right across the Atlantic, and her words have given me strength to cope with my own grief, embracing life, hope, and being more thankful for my loved ones. 

Stephanie Clune

I did some soul searching with Michele during a destination inner journey retreat.  She is one of the best intuitive life coaches out there, not to mention like the best person ever. Thank you for helping me on my journey. Her Cut the Cord ceremony allowed me to let go of the negativity and heart break that is trying to hold me back. You truly are amazing!

Gwen Marie Lopez

I just want y’all to know how Michele Bell has inspired me , when my own son had returned from deployment with cancer. I was so scared and lost. She took me under her wing and walked me through the steps as a Cancer Mom. There for me every step of the way for the entire time he was in chemo untill now. With her courage, love, and peace she helped me become strong for him. What a gift she has given me. And to all of us who have crossed paths with this wonderful lady I love you sister. 

Thank you

Lori Egan

Michelle, You inspire me in ways that make me see, that one day I too will be a mother that takes a tragedy and turns it into something positive. You and your beautiful son Nicky remind me of the bond that I shared with my son. On days that I just don’t think I can make it through the day, I think of you and everything you have ever said to me. I’m here to tell Derik’s story and be his voice. This is just some of the different ways you inspire me. I hope one day I can inspire someone in the same way you do. Your a very special lady. Nicky was very lucky to have you as a mother. I know he is so proud of you.

Carolann Villara

Michele is the most inspirational woman I've ever met in my entire life! I am privileged and honored to call her one of my best friends. We both met going through the hardest times of our lives. It was heartbroken. She spoke words like an angel to ease my pain. I always feel better and uplifted after being around Michelle even if I'm not in a bad place that day. Michelle's words are healing like a mother's kiss on a cut. I would follow Michelle around the world to hear her speak absolutely love her.

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