Her Promise

Dr. Michele specializes in transitioning anguish into empowerment, helping clients find peace, hope, and purpose in the face of devastating life events.

She is primarily sought for her life-changing guidance in all areas associated with death and dying, both before and after the passing. She brings a deeply sophisticated yet raw and genuine understanding of the stages of grief that can begin before the death even occurs, including the fear of death, be it your own or that of a loved one. 

She also skillfully guides clients in working through the countless emotional life traumas that threaten to derail and debilitate us. 

Her organic and intuitive transitional healing model makes way for the anguish in our lives to become a source of motivation, empowering us to embrace our journey, the good with the bad, and live a life of meaning, a life of truth, and especially, a life of self-love. 

Transitioning means letting go of something, and embracing a new truth. The anguish of grief or emotional trauma can become your greatest source of strength. The paralyzing grip that it has on you can transition into a powerful force of healing energy and emotional freedom.

Dr. Michele is a mentor and a voice of inspiration changing the way we think and ultimately feel about death, dying, and loss, as well as the abuses and pains we’ve suffered.

If you feel like you’ve lost a part of your soul, whether it’s through grief or trauma, or a source of agony you can’t put into words, Dr. Bell will guide you out of the darkness of that experience, and help you fill your soul with light and love. 

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I know what it feels like to sit in that chair...

 I'm down to earth, I'm easy going. I care deeply. No judgement. My clients range from privileged to survivors of suicide. Relating to young adults I understand life can be a secret struggle. 

Author | Intuitive Mentor | Spiritual Catalyst

Bedford, New York, United States