Specialty Services

One-on-One Retreats

Personalized Wellness Retreat 

What are you waiting for?

What is the music of your life?

Your rhythm is calling NOW 

to allow your innate divine 

soul to be present. 

Transformation is upon you to receive its highest good TRUTH.

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All retreats are custom designed.

Each retreat will allow the compass of your soul to manifest beyond. 

Destination Retreat

Locations vary. 

Discussed during consultation.

End-of-Life Doula

Since 1998 (Story in my book)

As a life-long Empath (HSP) 

piercing the veil is my spiritual 

gift I share with the dying. 

Dying is a sacred journey. I live to serve, to empower people to complete their book of life. 

(Michele is an active member of the Hospice Foundation of America)

The essence of the beginning of a once in a life-time journey starts to evolve within your soul. 

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I'm Here For You

 I'm down to earth, I'm easy going. I care deeply. No judgement. My clients range from privileged to survivors of suicide. Relating to young adults I understand life can be a secret struggle.