Specialty Services

Healing Wellness Retreat 

3-5 Day Personalized & Tailored

Signature VIP Retreat 

By Appointment Only

ALL retreats are highly custom designed from inception. Includes confidential consultation along with sharing personal information to ensure each retreat will allow the compass of our soul to manifest beyond. 

You must be open to receive.

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Personalized Destination Journey Retreats

In-House | Office | Skype Counseling 

Destination Retreat

  • Locations vary. To be discussed at consultation

In Person Hospice 

(End-of-Life Advocate/Consultant)

  • Travel expenses only


  • Inquire via email 
  • Grief Specialist in New York
  • Grief Counselor in New York

I know what it feels like to sit in that chair...

I'm very down to earth, I'm easy going. I care deeply. No judgement. My clients range from the wealthy, privileged, and famous to survivors of suicide. Relating to young adults I understand life can be a secret struggle.

Grief Counselor in New York

I'm Here For You

Services are payable in full in advance. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. This includes debit cards with a Visa, MC, or Amex logo are accepted.